Squirting Orgasm Mastery 2.0 Review

I review, and compare an updated version of one of my favorite 2 Girls Teach Sex products, Squirting Orgasm Mastery 2.0. This is a very long, and very detailed review. I’ve tried to make this as easy to read as possible.

Being able to make a girl squirt is an amazing feeling (ego-boost), because you get to watch the girl your having incredible orgasms that make her gush/squirt all over the place. Depending on if her previous sex partners were sexual inexperienced or uneducated. You look like a sex god in her eyes, giving her orgasms so intense that she’s never felt before.

Pro Tip: Download my free step-by-step checklist of everything you need to do during foreplay and sex to ensure she will squirt and gush every time… even if you only have a few minutes together.

I’m at the point where I’m so used to making a girl squirt. I base my performance off of, if the girl I’m having sex with squirts, or not. I do this because squirting a girl the most intense orgasm possible, and you can see the squirting so you know she’s actually cumming.

I’ve also combined everything taught by London with the Bathmate, which has helped increase my stamina, and increased my erect girth. Read my Bathmate review for complete detail if what I just said tickles your fancy!

If its the first time we slept together, and I make her squirt. I’m pretty much guaranteed that’ll she’ll want to meet up with me again to fuck. That’s why I love squirting, its so easy to do, and makes me look like a sex god.

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Squirting Orgasm Mastery 2.0 is broken down into 5 sections, plus 2 bonuses.

  1. Squirting Mastery 1.0 vs. 2.0
  2. Science of Squirting Orgasms
  3. Squirting Orgasm Techniques
  4. Squirting Orgasms Made Easy
  5. Squirting Penetration Orgasms
  6. Advanced Squirting Wizardry
  7. Rear Entry Made Easy (Bonus)
  8. Anal Orgasm Mastery (Bonus)

In this review, I’m going to break down each of the 5 sections. Excluding Rear Entry Made Easy, and the Anal Orgasm Mastery Bonuses, because I did a separate review for that DVD, and you can find it in a different post here.

I’ll be discussing what you’ll learn, what I liked, and disliked in each section. Also depending on whats talked about in each section I may add a ‘Pro Tip‘, like I’ve done in my most recent reviews. Just to share whats worked from my experience, and what I think adds to the excellent advice given.

Squirting Mastery 1.0 vs. 2.0

Before I get into the review, I want to just compare both versions for those that may have bought version 1.0, and are wonder if purchasing 2.0 is really worth it.

If you’ve seen the 1.0 version, you’ll know right away that the production quality of 2.0 has increased immensely.

Version 1.0 is a really short DVD, it consists of one 30 minute DVD in the typical laid back couch style seminar that 2 Girls Teach Sex is infamous for. In this DVD, it will give you enough information about how to make a woman squirt, but it doesn’t go into near the amount of detail presented in Version 2.0.

DVDs 2-4 are the demonstration video’s of Marcus London making the 5 different girls squirt. He starts off every video interviewing the girl, about squirting related questions that’ll give you more insight into how different girls squirt. In the video with Sindee Jennings, Marcus London makes her squirt in about 15 seconds, and she squirts everywhere.

In DVD 5, you will just learn about various effective sexual positions.

Squirting Advice on Steroids

In every single aspect of Version 2.0 beats 1.0. The quality, quantity, and sheer detailed about all the information provided. There’s no comparison.

Before in version 1.0, you were just given enough information to know how to do the squirting basics. But now in version 2.0, literally everything squirting related is covered from the science, techniques, squirting shortcuts, squirting during penetration, and there are even advanced squirting techniques that you can use once you’ve mastered the basics.

There’s even a bigger cast of porn stars, and each has a demonstration video.

  • Veronica Avluv
  • Annie Cruz
  • Kelly Surfer
  • Ash Hollywood
  • Vicki Chase
  • Madelyn Monroe
  • Alyssa Branch
  • Dana DeArmond
  • Danica Dillon
  • Lyla Storm
  • Tori Black
  • Riley Evans

Science of Squirting Orgasms

The first part of the program is 42 minutes, and begins with Marcus London educating you about where female ejaculation fluid comes from, and what the fluid really is.

There’s discussion of how important it is for the girl to be relaxed and comfortable, if she’s never squirted before. Because not every girl is going to be comfortable with the idea of squirting. From experience, this is very important and a great tip for guys in the unknown.

Also Avluv shares the proper mindset for a woman and you to have to be able to squirt. Obviously, once a girl squirts for the first time you two will be more comfortable with the situation, and things will go a lot smoother naturally time-and-time again.

Pro Tip: Always reassure the girl your with its not urine. I had an ex-girlfriend that wouldn’t allow herself to relax enough to be able to squirt. She would constantly tell me to stop what I was doing because she thought she was about to pee. So eventually I put down a towel, told her just to piss everywhere, I didn’t care because I knew she didn’t really have to pee. So she relaxed and actually squirted, and from that day forward she was always comfortable with squirting.

London explains that the ejaculation comes out of the same place as urine. Which is why some girls may think they’re about to pee when they’re not.

Avluv reveals a “pussy tea” recipe. I haven’t gotten girls to try this tea to confirm if it works, or not. But they say its supposed to be great for aromatic squirting.

Pro Tip: I’ve personally found from different girls that female ejaculation smells very similar to buttery popcorn. Also on rare occasions it can taste salty because it shares the same pathway as pee but its not pee. Most of time you won’t taste anything. But I assume, like a man, it depends on the girls diet. If that’s the cause brew up some of that pussy tea.

Finally, the Science of Squirting Orgasms concludes with Avluv explaining what squirting actually feels like. Saying that squirting orgasms are feel very meditative, and almost like an out of body experience.

All my sensory systems are on fire! -Veronica Avluv

Also knowing this you’ll be able to better educate your girl if she’s hesitant, and how to reassure them so she doesn’t feel insecure when you make her squirt. Then London finished this section with a brief explanation of the “Spiderman Technique“.

My Girl Won’t Practice Her Kegels

I get that they’re covering all grounds in this video, but Avluv talks about how kegels help girls squirt more. But it’s really pointless, because unless your watching this program with your girl. Or your girl has the motivation to want to squirt further. Telling her about kegels is not going to make her train her PC muscle as frequently as she’ll need to for it to be effective.

But if your girl can already do a kegel, Avluv does give a tip about how your girl can implement kegels during sex that will allow her to have a different, and more intense orgasm.

Pro Tip: Kegels for women make their vagina tighter, and squirt further. Kegels for men make their erection harder, ejaculate further, and with lots, and lots of practice be able to achieve dry orgasms. As talked about in the Superman Stamina review.

This section was a little bit unorganized because they kept coming back to subjects that they’ve already talked about, such as reassuring your girl everything is ok.

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Squirting Orgasm Techniques

This is where the fun begins. Using these techniques will open the flood gate of fluid and to amazing sensations for the girl your making squirt. This sections is broken down in 3 parts, and essentially each of the 3 parts will go through how to make different girls that have never squirted before, squirt. The 3 types of girls are…

  1. Your typical squirting virgin.
  2. Disbeliever.
  3. Enjoys rough sex.

During all seminars London interviews the girl, and gives you a few tips (most are repeated over-and-over). The demonstration videos London will walk your through step-by-step so you know what he’s doing, and why he’s doing it.

You’ll also get to see the “Spiderman Technique” in action.

Squirting Induction

This video would have been perfect for me when I was with that ex-girlfriend that would hold back, because she was uncomfortable with squirting. She thought it was pee. London spends a few minutes explaining to Surfer that squirting isn’t pee, and she just needs to relax.

It funny, because London explains to her in a very blunt manner, that everything is going to be ok, just relax. But I’m thinking to myself this is NOT something some guy at home should talk to his girl. But fortunately London then explains how you should approach the situation properly if you’re on a first date, or you’re trying to get your girlfriend to squirt, so this is great to hear. Also London gives a lot of great advice to guys on how to reassure a girl that has never squirted before.

Majority of the Squirting Induction seminar is about Surfer talking about how she feels about squirting, and her concerns since she’s never squirted before. And the rest of it is filled with everything already talked about in the Science of Squirting Orgasms section.

During the demonstration London has Surfer do 3 different positions, and has her squirt 9 times in about 12 minutes.

Disbeliever Seminar

This seminar is very short, at 3 minutes, more repeated information. London just talks Ash Hollywood who doesn’t believe that squirting being controlled (I’m sure she does). But this section is beneficial for guys that have girlfriends or wives that don’t believe squirting is possible.

Ash is a disbeliever in my skill -Marcus London

10 minutes later… POOF! Hollywood is no longer a disbeliever, with her squirt count being at 6. Same demonstration style, London walks you through every second.

Animalistic Squirting

This seminar is intend to teach you how to incorporate rough sex, and squirting. London does this on Vicki Chase. Chase says she can’t squirt to the typical way of getting a girl to squirt by being semi-gentle, which is what has been taught so far. Chase says that she needs sex to be rough, for her to squirt. Obviously, Chase is not your average girl. But I think the demonstration is great, and I explain why below.

I’ve made a girl squirt who liked rough sex before without applying these rougher techniques in this video. Oddly enough, she would usually stop me before she was about to squirt. I never asked her why, but I assume she thought it was pee.

Again, another interview style between London and Chase. Slight variations, because the main focus of this is rough sex, but really no new information was talked about.

Pro Tip: To me Vicki Chase is hot. Not sure if she’s Asian or Latina?

I really liked this demonstration compared to the other two. London implements dirty talking into this demo, and I believe forms of dirty talking is an important element of good sex, so its great to see it used. Chase finishes off with a squirt count of 7.

I really think most guys call introduce some mild forms of rough sex shown here into their sex life with their girlfriend, or wife. Personally, that’s how I have sex. Full-on rough sex isn’t my thing, but I do like to do very light choking, slapping, and hair pulling on the girl I’m with. Not enough to inflict pain or discomfort, but enough to have that visual turn on.

London goes fast, and doesn’t explain things step-by-step. So at the end of the demo, they share their final thoughts on the interaction.

A lot of great tips about how to dominate your girl, and be as rough as you’d like.

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Squirting Orgasms Made Easy

Like the title states, London teaches Hollywood how easy it is to give Monroe (Squirt count: 7) a squirting orgasm. Really good tips on how to use the Spiderman Technique completely.

In the other videos, he half explains what hes doing when he’s fingering her, and your half guessing because you can’t actually see what he’s doing inside her. Since he’s guiding Hollywood, this is where the complete Spiderman Technique is revealed.


Three-Way Fluff

Other then seeing the complete Spiderman Technique, I believe the next 2 videos of the Made Easy section add no value. The first is the Double Squirt Challenge, here you just watch London make Surfer and Chase squirt at the same time. The second video is Three-Way Squirting, most guys will have absolutely no use for this (including myself). But London does give tips on what to do during a threesome to make both girls squirt.

I bet your thinking I should shut up, because your going to have a threesome one day?

Pro Tip: Only 14% of American adults have been in a threesome based off a survey conduced by ABC Primetime Live in 2004. You can read the survey here.

With that said, the survey didn’t indicate what kind of threesome it was. But I would assume that there was a higher percentage of MMF threesome’s, then MFF. Plus there’s the MMM, and FFF variations which dilute the percentages even more.

I had the opportunity to be involved in a MMF threesome that would’ve potentially added me to that statistic, but no thanks. I still remember the look of disappoint on the girls face when my friend and I said we had to leave. Not my cup of tea.

My point being, this section is more entertainment then beneficial.

Next Step

At this point I recommend 3 options.

  1. Skip the rest of this review, and just read My Experience, and Conclusion sections by clicking here. Why? Because the rest of this review pretty much says the same thing. From this point forward nothing new is taught, lots of repeated information.
  2. Ignore option 1, because you obviously love my writing style.
  3. Click the link below, because you’re convinced this is an amazing product. (It really is. Minus the repeated advice)

Squirting Penetration Orgasms

I considered everything up until this point to be foreplay advice. This program really should be called Squirting Foreplay Mastery.

Of course you can switch back and forth between penetration, oral, and fingering. I have created the habit of fucking the girl for a bit, then fingering to make her squirt, then going back to penetration. I developed this habit because before I would cum too quickly. If you’re like I was, I’d recommend you check out my 60 Minute Stamina review here.

Penetrating My Disappointment Barrier

I’m quite disappointed with the first video between London, and Avluv. I guess its my fault for creating the expectation that London would show me something I didn’t already know (not to sound arrogant).

I was hoping to learn a surefire way to make a girl squirt/gush during penetration without having to pull out. Instead, London would do what I described above. He would pull out, then finger her, or rub her clitoris to make her squirt.

Therefore, I don’t know if its my constant use of the Spiderman Technique, but my disappointment sense is tingling.

Pointless Penetrating Seminar

Again, a lot of repeated information that has been repeated in quite a few of the earlier videos. The benefits of this is that it will get ingrained into your head, but at the same time you may get slightly annoyed. Other then London explaining how to angle your dick, this was another fluff-filled seminar. 2 Girls Teach Sex could have scraped the seminar, because London explain how he angles his dick in each of the demonstration videos.

Monroe Demonstration

As mentioned I was looking for a surefire technique to make a girl squirt through penetration. I’ve only done it once before, and I’ve always wanted to know how to do it again. Fortunately, and unfortunately for me (and possibly you) London reveals the [disappointing] truth about getting a girl to squirt from penetration

If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to see some squirting from penetration, but again not something that’s always a guarantee. Its one thing that’ll either happen, or it won’t. -Marcus London

This is a 2 part demo between London, and Monroe. You’ve got to love the popup tips in the video, they’re always helpful, but some are hilarious.

By now you should have a mental understanding of what it takes to make a girl squirt. London has done a really good job up to this point of explaining everything in complete detail. Your going to get more repeated information of course, but you’ll also get useful tips on the most used positions and variations of those positions.

Pro Tip: Don’t copy the way London eats pussy, watch How To Eat Pussy Like A Champ instead for free.

Also London’s dick has an upward curve which aids him when performing his penetration orgasm techniques. My dick is straight like an arrow, but there’s a great technique in the original 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs called the Inch Bigger Missionary. This will allow you to manipulate the angles even more, make these techniques even more effective. The only negative I’ve found to the Inch Bigger Missionary Position is that it makes me want to cum sooner, because it feels so much better due to the increased pressure.

Advanced Squirting Wizardry

Up to this point you’ll officially know everything you could have ever wanted to know about squirting, and then some. Basically everything talked about in this section has already been discussed before, and watching this section is pointless.

Repetitive Foreplay

This videos is with London, and Annie Cruz about foreplay. Again, more advice repeated. There’s only so much you can do during certain stages (foreplay) of sex. While the advice given is effective, it gets old since. Because even though you can mix in some fingering with penetration, you’ll do the majority of these techniques during foreplay.

Therefore making the majority of this program really about foreplay, and this is just another section that wasn’t needed. London even explains the Spiderman Technique again…

This program is severely lacking organization, and structure. You really need Bobby Bradshaw with his paper filled with notes to guide this program along.

There’s a 2 part, 20 minute demonstration. Obviously its going to be the same as all the other demonstrations just with a different girl. I personally believe 20 minutes is a bit overkill for foreplay that’s solely focused on her.

Hogwarts Squirting Spells

Hermione steps in this video to reveal her latest potion. But in all seriousness, if 2 Girls Teach Sex would have hired Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for this part of the program. I would have dropped some serious cash to see it!

I feel like a broken record but the only wizardry used in this part of the program was the set change to a different bedroom. You finally get to meet Alyssa Branch. But its a shame that I don’t want to watch the video because I already know its going to be the same advice, and techniques already taught. And, 5 minutes into the video confirms it. Also the Avluv video, is very similar to all the other videos, the only subtle difference was that she was apparently doing kegels.

My Experience with Squirting

Before I went through this program I was able to make girls squirt, but I was unable to consistently make girls squirt. If I got a girl to squirt, it was just dumb luck.

I remember seeing squirting in porn when I was younger, but never really thought anything of it. But the first time I made a girl squirt I was hooked on trying to make girls squirt every time. I would never put pressure on the girls by telling them what I was doing.  But squirting was always random for me, and I never knew how to consistently do it. Some times she would squirt right away, sometimes not at all even if I tried.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, if you know what I’m saying…

But now that I’ve been through all of the squirting program, and have implemented everything taught by Marcus London. Every single time I have sex with a girl first time or fiftieth time, she squirts, or gushes.

Fixing My Stamina Issue

Getting a girl to squirt is great, because before when I had trouble lasting long enough in bed to give a girl an orgasm through penetration. I didn’t know much about foreplay back then either.

So I went through different Ejaculation control products to fix the issue. While using the advice taught helped me to a degree. Nothing has improved my stamina quicker and more effective then the Bathmate Hydromax. I used to last 5 minutes on average, sometimes I’d be lucky and last a little longer. After a few Bathmate sessions, I was amazed when I was lasting 20 minutes.

Not to mention my girth shot up from 5.125″ to 5.5″ erect mid-shaft girth. I highly recommend you read my Bathmate review, you’ll love it more then your iPhone.

Pro Tip: Bathmate App anyone? Track gains, and how many lady friends you make pass out due to your boss squirting skills!

This also the Penomet which I’ve used before, but I prefer the Bathmate. You can read my Penomet review for more information, if you’re interested.

I’m glad I fixed my stamina issue, but if only I learned how to make girls squirt I wouldn’t have to worry about how long I would last. But I’m happy I have both issue’s solved, now I feel like I’m a Sex God!

When I applied these techniques, I was able to get any girl to squirt during foreplay, giving her multiple orgasms even before penetration. So when it came time for penetration it didn’t matter how long I could last, because she’d have 1-2 very intense orgasms during that short penetration session anyway.

Squirting Success = Foreplay + Technique

After going through the entire program, I realized my inconsistency was with my technique. Now that I’ve made some tweaks to my fingering using the Spiderman Technique, and the flood gates have been opened! This of course is also because there was proper foreplay was in place.

At this point it almost wouldn’t matter if I had the stamina of Jim from American Pie. But I can last a lot longer then that because of Keni Styles advice.

After 10-15 minutes of foreplay, the girl I’m with would have already had anywhere from 2-5 intense orgasms before penetration! One of the girls I used these techniques on, would have orgasms so intense that it would make her tear up.

Then from foreplay I would then continue with my back, and forth penetration-to-fingering style as London teaches in the program. Every time after a few minutes the girl is DONE. The funny part is now whenever I finish having sex with any girl. She’s usually so exhausted from the copious amounts of intense orgasms, and squirting. That after sex they’d roll over like a guy, and fall asleep.

Pro Tip: After you go through this program, keep a towel within arms reach. I now always have a towel (sometimes 2) near my bed. I know if I don’t have it, I’ll be changing my sheets after sex.


Overall, if you want to give girls incredible orgasms, and make girls squirt all over this place. This is the BEST product to teach you how to do that with foreplay and the Spiderman technique! Bar none there is honestly no other squirting product that can compete with this.

This also really is an anti-stamina program, because if you can become as skilled as London is. You won’t have to last long before a girl is throwing in the towel (or using the towel to clean up) because she’s so exhausted.

The only negative of this program is the amount of times that they repeat the same information, over-and-over. If they repeated something only once, then you could likely cut this program in half, its that repetitive. That’s not to say this isn’t an effective product, because its one of the BEST sex products to-date.

If you have a girlfriend, or wife, Squirting Orgasm Mastery 2.0 would be most effective if she was to watch this with you. Because there are some tips given from women-for-women. And as a guy just because you recommend something to your girl doesn’t mean she’ll do it. But if there’s another woman highly recommending something, then the girl would likely be more interested in giving that piece of advice a try. Especially if its watching other girls squirt, and they say how its the best orgasm they’ve ever had.

Squirting Mastery 2.0 is great for beginners who’ve never made a girl squirt before. And, even great for experienced guys like myself who have made girls squirt before, but want to become more proficient, and effective at it.

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  1. shelby says

    How can I be sure that truly work I’ve been to a sex therapy. Had guy try to make me have an orgasm. Used toys and lube I have tried almost everything. And. Till no orgasm will this program really work?

    • Jay Diesel says

      I’ve been able to make any women I’ve been with squirt using the technique taught. I know this is an odd suggestion but…

      Have you ever considered meditation as a form of “therapy”. There’s a Meditative Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, maybe the same method can be applied in some way to achieving squirting orgasms. Worth a shot, I believe.

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